Our core services

Industry Quality

State of the art code quality with both automated and manual quality insurrance

Result Oriented

You think your project is too ambitious or impossible? Let’s find a solution together


We can provide long term support both to your engineers and your user base

Game Security

From anti-cheat to security audits we will make sure you can work on your game without worrying about security and cheaters

High Performance

We are experts in low-level systems programming for all your performance critical applications

Online Services

Trust us with all your networking needs, we have experience with every type of networking needs, from fast-paced FPS to large scale single server MMORPG

Unreal Engine development.

With our experience in Unreal Engine 4 we can help you bring your ideas to life. We are also developing our own video game!

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Reverse engineering

With more than a decade of experience, we provided reverse engineering and game security services to industry leaders such as Bethesda Game Studios and Porsche

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